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For My Guest….

Welcome guest to my space
You may sit and have a taste
I enjoy you, you enjoy me
As energy flows naturally

Out comes the laughs
Here comes the cries
We still got our space
No time for goodbyes

Find that balance once again
My friend,
We share this space, together
Always respecting one another

Moments come and they pass
We reflect on moments
So they might forever last

Slowly but surely the space grows crowded
It once was a balance now it’s not
I’m sorry to say, you’ve overstayed,
Your stay,
Please see the exit right away

Door wide open, you walk on through
I slowly close the door behind you

Now this time is quiet it’s peaceful
But lonesome,
So I just wait and wait
Till the day
I hear the knock, the one I’ve been waiting
On a lot
But it’ll be my choice, it always will be

To open that door and let in your energy
Have you try, to enjoy this space
Give you another taste
Hoping this time we remain in balance
And never ends
So I can keep the door open
And throw these keys to the wind!!

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