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Ain’t no need to fear me
When I love you
I told you
But just like the single Mother
I’m also the father
Giving my kids beatings
To teach them lessons
It hurts me sometimes
To take away your blessings
But you understand when
You understand
I need you all to be your bestest
This next life
Is shining in a new light
We are here to bring
In new life
I’m slow to the punch but that’s cuz I’m
New new
I’m just loving all the demons
And treating them as if they were
Once the spirits that didn’t know
That one day they would meet
Such a soul
That carried both the good and the bad
But she knew more than that
Because she controlled the entirety
She got this world where it was
Meant to be
Waiting for a savior
And guess what
That savior is me!

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