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Broken Queen

Broken Queen don’t cry
I know it hurts inside
But keep your head up
Hide it all with pride

They don’t understand so they damage you
But it’s important to always fix that crown
Frown not
Smile strong
Keep on moving, moving on

If they can’t follow it’s not your fault
Wings, feathers put together with broken hearts
Carefree hardly, but you try to be
Sitting on your throne so unconsciously

Why aren’t you deserving of passion
Heart so full but filled with disappointment
Holding on to something with so much confusion

Bruising ego

Cross that line that pretty thin area
Maybe what you need is on the other side
Thin line
Thin line
I really don’t wanna cross it this time

Dear king, I’m fighting for this kingdom
Tell me you are too
Please don’t break the pedestal
Find it, don’t hide

Beauty you are strong
Diamonds shine
Shine and shine
What a oxymoron
For how I feel on the inside

You can find your way back don’t quit
Remember your a queen, and royalty can get thru this
Take the seed for this dream and hold on to it
Plant it in the bed, deep in that beautiful head
Forget all the sorrow
So you can sit on that throne tomorrow

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