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A happy unhappy ending

Whose fault?
Questions from a broken heart
And how do you mend the scars
Unseen by the eyes that witnessed
The very acts that caused them

The taste of revenge only lasted
O so long before it was bitter regret
I fell to the ground and knew you’d be
Around to help me stand back up again

Sweet nothings, I devoured, you plucked
My flower and then blindness swept
Across the fairytale once again

How amazing to think that you had me
And I was lucky enough to catch the real you
At the fall of the veil
You weren’t a handsome prince at all More of a toad full of warts

This didn’t make me fear you and it should’ve maybe
I guess I was the princess that couldn’t and
Even knowing that I shouldn’t, I did
But Shaming me, never your job

I just wanted a happy ending could you
Blame me
It certainly seems that way now
Doesn’t it baby?

So I became the knight needed to
Rescue me
I fight off your smiles, your kisses
And your memories!

Reminding myself that I’m doing this
Not for you but for me
Because I’m my own king in this
Here Love story!

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