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Child’s Play

You thought I wanted you to give me
Diamonds, Gold, cash
Pardon my laughter
Well as you can see the tables
Have certainly turned

You assumed that your inner goals
Were those of mine
And now I can flash a few hundred above
You and you drown!

Too easy, candy from a baby
Lil boys I never wanted one of those

I can allow my kid out from time to time
But hell no do I let that baby take over
My life

Telling me you’re a grown man
I’ve been laughing ever since
Because your definition
Is definitely misconstrued

Boys lie, MEN cry
Boys hit women, MEN praise them
Boys chase pussy, MEN respect the cat

Boys only get a taste of me, Men will get the whole thing!

But I’m priceless so eventually they back track to their old ways!

You get your allowance, you play your fun games and then fuck a babysitter!

Good for you but she’s a child too
So goodnight sweet children
This grown up has work to do

Making money the hard way!
Now that’s what I call “Child’s Play”

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