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The colors the bright bright lights
The explosions
Everything was loud and fast

It didn’t scare me
It captivated me
I was intrigued

The show was beautiful
And plenty of people would agree
What the hell is happening to me

Sparkles pops whizzes
It’s too bad this light show
Ended so soon

The dying down was unexpected
I wished on a star for one more spark
I guess my prays don’t reach that far

The smoke confirmed the gloom
Now there is not much excitement in the sky
I keep my head up but I can feel my heart weep

There will never be a show better than
Those fireworks
I hope that I’m wrong
And in time I can see

One day there can be another ignite
To light up the night and
Make the sky come alive

I’m sure if you’d see me, you’ll only see these
Colorful lights, blasting in my eyes

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