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If you aren’t behind me
You are in front of me
Blocking the path
Of where I want to be

Broke some bigs ass chains
They happen to be people
I would’ve easily called my family
But They aren’t supporting me
instead trying to guide me
I been thru a past too violent
To listen to anyone outside my head

It’s not ego it’s my friend, love, passion
Or angels or demons
I’ll find out sometime when I’m dead
But as far as I know I’m in good hands

Trying to spread the message to you too
If you don’t want to listen then I move past you
Don’t have time to waste, to debate
It’s either you here to stay or fuck out my face!

Love you still and I will never forget you but I am so chosen
Look at how far I been walking! My crown been bleeding, my feet blistered, shoulders so broken from the cross I been holding!

You don’t feel me but you will soon, cuz I’m crucifying myself, to save everybody else! The secret is in the sacrifice itself! I give myself to the world so y’all can raise on up outta hell!

Spread love is all I ask in return!

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