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Broken Pieces

Broken pieces, Broken pieces
She looks to the ground and just leaves them
She once was an angel but now more like a demon

She’s moves like a zombie all she wants is brains
To move thru this world and without all the pain
She gave it her all now she won’t feel again

Her heart no longer bleeding or beating
She wonders how long she can she live without breathing

Emptiness and numbness hid perfectly behind a smile
The only thing in her chest is an echo, of the past she can’t let go
But continues to fly in the sky looking for the pilot who told her dreams could last

She believed in the seeking for that one who would reach in and pick up the pieces to put this here heart in its home

Now cold and alone
She felt the last piece fall to its grave knowing that she will never ever be the same

Broken pieces, broken pieces
Here lay rest on the floor and she walks on past them like she’s never seen them before

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