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New Love

Oh no was I plucked again?
My heart goes pitter patter
Just by the sound of your name

I’m grinning so big
And I’m my temperature
Goes up
When you are nearby

I let out a sigh
Because I know I’ve been

Cupid you are an evil one
I just beat this
But now I’m falling again

At least I can say that this time
He is a friend
I’m feeling all giddy and cheery
Should I be afraid of this feeling?

I will just take my time
This time
Pace myself
I learned a lot the last time
I was in love

So for now I’ll keep this to myself
I’ll just be around until
The moment reveals itself

Love, you’re a tricky game
That I hate to admit but I like to play
So a new opponent has been picked

I’m ready for this
The score is big and well worth it
So I’ll strategize and I’ll win this time
This new love will be all mine!

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