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You’re it I know it
This time I’m really sure
But it’s a secret one
I’ve gotta keep
From everyone

I don’t want to blow this
You’re all that I’ve wanted
The way you smile makes
My heart skip
But I wonder if you know this

I seen your number
So I guess you’ve been chosen
Everywhere I go there it is
Another reminder
So I can’t forget
This is it

I won’t tell no one
Not even you
I’ll keep this a secret
Because it’s so true

We will be together just me
And just you
I made the wish
On a star
That they’d bring me a you

Now that I know and hope
That one day you will too
Until then I promise
To just be close enough
But never give this secret up

Until it’s time, I’ll make you
All mine
And my fairytale
Will be complete
I’ll live happily ever after
After all

You’re my one
Now I know for sure
And this time
Won’t be like any
Other time

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