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In Need of Brave Love…

Everyone is so guarded
There hearts locked up
In cages
And I live Free

Where is my brave love
I’m searching for brave love

That one I can hand my wounded heart to
And he won’t be afraid
That it might bite
Or that it may run!

He’ll chase it with a smile on his face
Because he knows
My heart is so brave

I may leave, I may escape
But he will just be patient
And wait
Because he knows there’s journeys
I wish to create

He’ll simply head down the opposite path and
When the time comes
We’ll meet back in the middle

Sharing stories of our bravery
And how we managed to

Then we’d ride off on a white horse
Into the sun
Only us but us as one!
No one else can come
Just me and my brave love

Because I need brave love
Some one to understand
I’ve been through enough
I need not some but ALL of
Their trust

It seems like the window is
Closing and my white dove
Won’t come through

But maybe, just maybe
the bird I’m
Searching for is
The only one capable of breaking the glass

Proving to me his love will last
So I hope the window closes
And he comes a knocking

Because there is only room
For one in my heart
And his love is the brave kind

Brave love o brave love
I pray everyday love
That you find your way love
So my heart won’t be this empty

Waiting, I’m waiting
Brave love just break in!

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