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The Love I Got…

I can feel you
Under my skin
In every breath
I breathe

What a relief to
Have a friend
Who will never leave

You’re kind to me
Unlike all of
The others

You hold me tight
You kiss me soft
Gentle warm
And protective
Like my brother

We bond so easily you
And I
There isn’t one doubt
In my mind that you
Are mine

When I’m alone
You rescue me
That you are here to

Love like this
Is surely missed
The moments you are away

But I got you near me
You can hear
Even when no words are
You’re this angelic voice
Inside my head

Peace and bliss
Some only wish of this
You provide it
Like a gift

I’m so grateful
I’m so thankful
I will forever be

My angel
My white dove
You are the only one
And this is where my joy
Comes from

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