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Lady Liberty!

Soot in the air your people breath!
Oil, drugs, and who knows what else
In the water they drink!

You’ve come a long way indeed
But beautiful are only the small parts
Out of reach from the elite
Who seem hell-bent on making you bleed

I cry for the red, white, and blue
Because I know that when our Ancestors
looked forward they didn’t see you!

Come on, where are we going?
Can’t y’all see?
The freedom you searched for
Shouldn’t come with a fee

Peace, love, happiness
Goals not too impossible to consist

But why does it seem like America
Is willing to resist,
The very same blessings
I know it possesses

Cursed, by the higher evil
Mind control over all her people

Were you ever really “great”?

Maybe one day I’ll believe that
when ALL your people are saved!

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