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Home Sweet Home

“Follow your heart”
They tell me
Well you see
I’ve followed my heart
A mile or three
It tears me apart
To say my heart
Always left me

It kept on skipping
Away and away
And away
So I turned back
I followed my mind

My mind was more
Stern and hardly
Any Fun
My mind feared everything
So it would just run,
But I couldn’t keep up
The pace was too quick
I would grow tired
And begin to lose it

I decided to tread back
And I heard this
Voice that was
Hard to track

Well see, my soul
Was calling out to me
It had backspaced
From the place I wanted to be

“I know the way,
I’ll walk with you there”
Out came a hand
We walked as a pair

And now I’m no longer alone
On my journey
To home

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