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Lies, Fables, Tales and Stories!

Riddle, Riddle
The cat and the fiddle
My words enter your head
And you begin to spin
I turn knobs covered
In cobwebs

But you don’t want me to stop
You’re quite intrigued
How can a girl have nothing
And feel relief

It’s not that I have nothing
It’s that I have everything
No need to question it
There is no arresting this

I refuse in the carriage
To take on in marriage
Because I’m happy
All by myself
Never once did I need someone else

This is the part where we separate ourselves
See you’ve been tricked
By a mysterious man
One who never reveals
His hand

Cuz if you seen the cards he dealt
You would’ve learned the treachery

So I give you this riddle
So that you may dibble,
Into your hole silly rabbit
These tricks are only for kids

We play and we play
While You lie in waste

I gave you the hand of
Jokers you fool

Lullabies, sweet lovely lies,
Did you honestly believe he was
Gonna marry YOU?

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