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Our Nightmares

I’ll see you there, In your nightmares,
In your nightmares!

Every night you say a pray,
Hoping you won’t meet me here!

We can play hide and seek, before
I make you cry and weep!

Chasing you like a wolf would sheep!

In your nightmares,
In your nightmares!

What a thrill for me,
I get chills you see,
There is nothing like a fresh kill to me,

In my nightmares,
in my nightmares!

You forced the darkness out of me,
So now when you fall fast asleep,
You won’t have anywhere to hide you see,

On the hunt, every night I’m coming
For you,

My nightmares are fun for me,
But your nightmares are silent screams,
Written on your face, whenever you’re awake,
Counting down the time, for as long as your away, you won’t have to face my face!

You may keep on running you see, but I’ll always find you in our dreams!

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