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Passion, pain, pleasure!

I want one now,
One forever,
And one never!

Can you guess my passion,
pain, pleasure?

This is my favorite got me up in space,
High on life,
Feelings all over the place,
Yeah, you can see it in my face!
Give me a taste!
Give me a taste!
This is great I want it now,
Don’t wait!

Hurt me good,
Hurt me great,
I can tell it’s hard to take!
But it’s never stopped me before,
and I can sense it’s here to stay,
That feeling never fades!

I’m all over the place,
Shaking uncontrollably,
Distant from the only me!
Could it be?
Finding this wasn’t what I
wanted now or forever,
I choose to feel this feeling, never!

Is there such thing as a reset?

Because I lived thru a three set!
Queen of the Damned!

Pleasure, passion, pain!

Devil did his worst and yet he’s still under MY control!

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