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Dear baby,
Mommy loves you, always and forever!

I understand there may come a time
in your life where you may feel like this is

I’m begging you son, be stronger than this,
the world will always try to separate you from the ones that love you most!

You need to be a man on your own and grow,
I got that part but just know,
you’ll never leave my heart!

The first day I held your hand was the day you became the only man,
who ever had the chance to tear me apart!

Be gentle with your mommy, son!

Some girl is probably gonna hurt you but I never want you to forget,
love goes,
but it also comes just as quickly as it went!

Keep your love open and never let this cold world force you to close it,
it’s a task more complex than its opponent,
but please know this,
you’re destined for more, just focus!

Love yourself enough to know everyone else is just hurting!
No need to hurt them more just to prove you’re more chosen,
show them!

You’re my son so I know that you will be loved no matter what,
please just remember to always keep your head up!
I love you always, my king, my handsome, my little Egypt!

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