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She’s “too PERFECT”, Crime!

I could drop a bomb,
But I’d rather let the lie
Continue on!

You swear you got the best of me
When I was playing nationals,
You were playing little league!

Your cues were so easy to read,
So I dug up some dirt, and then I
Planted some seeds!

You’re growing from the very lies,
I conceived, but you in fact believed,
Yet, you thought I was foolish, indeed!

See, I thought you could read,
The stories I gave and find which
Parts didn’t belong, tear at the seams!

There was a secret in between,
the lines you failed to see!
One that has pin pointed my plan,
And this master scheme!

Now it’s just a laughing matter,
See I’m a magician, A mad hatter!
My deck full of jokers, which always trumps aces!
Depending on which games, case by cases!

And I love the blame game,
Cuz I’m addicted to the shame!
For me it brands my name,
Warning anyone that comes after me
That I made the hall of fame!

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