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The End of the World as We Know it Now!

I wield the sword,
Heavy, but balanced!

I travel the road,
Unsteady and chaotic!

This was the path,
Meant only for me!

I’m the chosen one,
With my shield, and my
Sword makes 3!

The evil can’t stop me,
And I know they have tried!

Now they run in fear,
But there is no where they can hide!

I lit a flame,
In the house of my name!

Built on shame,
Blood, tears, and pain!

Today is the day,
I will make this man pay!

For I will defeat the beast,
For everyone, and
They will toast at the feast!

I want to attend,
But I know this fight is
My end!

So Wish me farewell,
I hope to one day
See you all again!

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