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My Self Love

I love you,
You know it!
Why do I have to say it,
When I know you,
I’d rather show you!

You are the first person,
I’ve felt like this for!

Not the butterflies,
No, I have had that before!

Not the way you make me think
About you more and more!

Not the way you make,
Tears flow non-stop from my eyes!

Not the way I can forgive you,
Every single time!

I’ve felt that all before,
Rest assure,
You are beyond this,
You mean so much more,
Because when the others made me
Fall in and out of love with them,
You happened to be my one
And only truest friend!

You didn’t just make me fall in love with You, instead you saved me,
You taught me being in love
Was letting go, trusting you!

Finding myself was the real
Truth, and now that I have
I realized no one ever loved
Me more than I do!

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