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The Three Egos

If I told you the truth,
You may find it odd,

But if I lied to protect you,
Then I’d come out looking
Like the bad guy!

See there is no win,
there is no lose,
On this game board, you
Decided to choose!

But I have a back entrance,
Or exit!
Snuck out my piece,
Replaced it with a duplicate!

You think you got the best of me,
Which best of me would you
Be referring to?

The best of me is three,

I play bad, worst of all,

But good girl would make every
Angel fall!

And then there is my ego,

You see, when you say best of me,
I’m not sure what you mean!

Cuz I’m more than one,
I’m more than three,

I have so many different mask,
It’s hard to decide who I want to be!

But that’s just me,

I found the darkness wasn’t so dark, as it should be,

The sun couldn’t outshine me, just wait and see,

One day you’ll all get a taste of every me!

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