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Copy Cats

Snap filters in every photo,
They say beauty only skin deep!
But I think some of the evil is starting to show, so they try to hide it carefully,
Covergirl, to camouflage all them bad traits!
Might as well, scream at the top of
Your lungs, that you’re fake

Y’all can’t post a pic without showing some skin,
I mean they need all them likes to help them, believe that they in,
But a REAL female, y’all never been!

Especially, if you gotta shit on the ex just to desperately keep your men!

They hate me so much but I’ve done nothing to them!
It’s straight, cause I know you all are fans,
Watch what I do so you can try to please him!
But I think y’all don’t really understand,
Leftovers is left overs, I don’t even want y’all men,
Why would I, when I already found out I can do way better than him!

So you’ll continue to see me being extra happy and free, something you all can only try to pretend to be!

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