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My Other WHOLE

Baby, I’m not just anybody,
I’m only looking for that

To give me war and peace,
I’m talking world war 3,

I need explosions,

I want you to touch me,
And I feel something,

I want a sugar rush,
So much energy
I’m bouncing off the walls,

I want to feel my soul
I want to feel the world stop
Rotating, below my feet,

I want you to
Reach your dreams,
And for you to pull me up,
If you get higher than me,

I want you to scream my name
From the mountain top,
But keep it a secret,
So our moms don’t find out,

I want pleasure and pain,

I want loss and gain,

I was laughs and tears,

I want yelling,

I want cheers,

I need somebody
Willing to stick around,
No matter how hard it is,
Being this high above the ground,

Someone not afraid,
That my bad side might show her
Someone who will give me a
Taste of his bad side,
Just to keep up the pace,

I want only one,
Where it’s meant to be,
If I’m being honest,
I just want someone
Exactly like me!

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