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There’s No Place Like Home

There is this place in outer space,
where kindness happens more than once a day.
It’s pretty much the overall trend.
A place where people gather to build, lift, and mend!

Growth through laughter, not tears!
So much joy with an abundant of cheers.

A place where there is no classes, parties or races, because real love took it’s place!
The residents only look upon each other with honor and grace!

Zero casualties, lost to hate!
The people feel happiness amongst other feelings that are great!

Smiles planted on everyone’s
Greif, fear, pain are all easered!
Peace fills not just the air but the lungs of all inhabitants!
Every creature respected from the biggest, to the tiny ants!

This place is more that a trillion miles away but I know we’ll all make it there one day!

The reason that I know is cause my spirit is already here, waiting to greet you all with open arms!

There’s no place like HOME!

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