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April Fools

Don’t get it twisted,

I’ve been watching you watching me,

I know what you want me to do!

so, I make you believe you won,

I’m just that good!

got you to believe anything.

How you feel now?

Anything sound out of place?

welcome to the world I warned you about,

this is exactly where you don’t want to end up,

but I been secretly leading you the whole time!

While, I been sneaking my people out!

Tomorrow will really prove my clout!

You shouldn’t play games you haven’t


seeing as I’m older,

and I’m not talking human years.

My name has been extinct,


people say it every day,

hidden in plain sight,

where I’d like it to stay,

makes it easier to hunt down your prey!


because you owe a debt that you can never repay!

It’s sad to say,

I had more faith the day before I met you,

but I’m reborn today!

You’ll hear the sirens soon,

there is nothing you can do,

the creatures will come to seal your doom!

while I unshackle my chains,

with this great big key,

walking away smile on my face,

knowing this will never

again happen to me!

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