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Well we made it, but I don’t know,

not much here, to call it home,

feels likes I’m better off alone,

but I give it a chance, because

fairness runs in my blood,

I’m willing to try, because

trying new things, is always fun!

We been thru the worst before

so, we know if push comes to shove

where we could go,

but I have faith now,

so hold me tight and never let go,

I will show them all,

I’m more than capable,

to keep my growth,

and not be all alone,

sacrifices were made, just so I

wouldn’t back track,

Because I cried my tears,

I faced my fears,

And now my love has come back,

On to the new stage,

we made it thru babe,

can’t wait to see what happens next,

our story is sooo far from over!

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