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Hi Misery!

I get it, you’re weak,
that’s why you put the target on me,
I look so strong, so if you could
bring me down, that will help you
feel better huh?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but
that won’t satisfy your demon,
see I know that one well,
that demon is jealousy,

and now your lying to yourself,
saying I couldn’t be talking about you,
well it looks like denial got a hold of
you too!

Anyone that talks bad about me
behind my back, must hate the view,
I’ll keep walking forward because
I’m not even worried about you,

you’re mad,
you’re jealous,
maybe you wish you were me!

You want to see me stop,
you want me to give up!

I’m sorry to disappoint you hunny! 🙂

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