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Rest in Pieces!

I realized I’m getting more and more
cleaver at weeding out the ones haunting
my soul,

I told you I notice everything,
I’ve stood by watching all this time
waiting to strike,

it’s gotta be precise to gaurantee
you won’t be back,

foolish to think you got the best of me,
I thought I told you all
no one does it quite like me,

every voice that once thought they could reside in my head,
feeding me fables to keep me in place,
all those voices are dead,

I want you to see what I saw,
so when you rest your eyes tonight,
you’ll be in for a lovely surprise,

I gathered up all the demons,
yes, the ones you thought were gone,
I sent them straight to the place that you’ll be going,

this was mercy on my part because
If you ever come back again,
I’ll be sure to send not only just you
but the ones you love as well!

Rest in pieces!

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