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I Didn’t Leave, You Did….

Do you trust me?
Because I gotta be sure these days,
all these people will lie to my face,

the closest ones to you don’t even
support you,
they just want you to win so they can
say that they know you,
cashing out on my clout!

What’s up with this world?
I’m tired of power cuz it blocks
out the love,

Well fuck it!
I gave it away,
I’m asking for loyalty in its place!

Do you trust me?
What do you say?

If I didn’t have anything would
you still stand next to me?

What’s the answer?

Bet you can’t even write no more since you been with her,
because I was your muse,
traded your girl for a bag with some dirty ass shoes,

I ain’t mad at cha!
Do what you do,
but please when you see me,
don’t forget I did warn you!

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