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Violence Births Violence!

It’s much harder to go against your natural instincts, to hurt someone that hurts you,
but I try my best not to do what we do!

Let things be, it’s not about you, it’s about me!
I’d rather lose pride so I could gain peace,

you may think that it’s weak to turn the other cheek,
well, my only rebuttal is,
I guess that’s how you think!

To throw blow for blow, births more violence or so I’ve been told!
I’m tired of the fighting,
laying down my sword,
if you strike me down when I do this,
I’ll be known for so much more!

Resistance will strengthen your muscles too
don’t believe me, if you don’t want to,
I’m only responsible for what I do!

I’m here to spread what I know, from
who I’m told, wants you all to know,
free will is still apart of our
very souls, so every choice you make is your choice alone!

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