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I Hope You Miss “Me” a Little When I’m Gone!

There is a clear difference between self-sabotage and letting others tell you who you should hate!

You never loved me if it was that easy for you to believe them over me!

Every test wasn’t gonna be easy but that’s the only way I know whether or not someone is worthy!

I know that I’m perfect, you said it yourself,
I know that I’m different but you couldn’t tell!

You thought it would be easy to find another angel in hell, well tell me now, are you proud of yourself?

Does the button she pressed make you lie to yourself?

When you think about me now being gone, do you cry to yourself?

Placing every blessed memory of me on
a shelf, thinking one day you could stop me from flying to myself!

Killing what we had, leaving me, is only bad for your health!

You might as well say goodbye now before it’s too late, death is coming real soon to seal your fate!

Don’t believe me? Ask the last two men who thought they could defeat me,

one had a huge scare, the other one now lives his life in a wheelchair!

It’s not my fault you chose the wrong heart to stick the knife through, maybe next time you will listen to “me” when I tell you to trust me! Oh well sayonara you fool!

Another one bites the dust!

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