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Icy Hot!

It really makes me sad when a motherfucker wants to make me mad, like I said I don’t want no more bloodshed, it’s only been a day and a half,

they don’t hear me so it’s off with their heads, hate to have to end it this way but I warned you, put down the sword, I’m not here to play,

and trust me when I say, this is just a game to me, one I’m quite bored of, you see,
because you think it’s not hard, but to me it’s too easy,

cutting up your worthless body like it was some goat cheese,
go ahead, I’ll even let you get first swing,
once you miss I just laugh because now it’s my move bitch, and every hit I do is perfect,

now you crying, trying to run, but don’t you know chasing you is that much more fun,
riping you apart, shredding you into pieces, one by one,

insane that you’re far too easy to kill, I’m still thristy so I guess I’ll hunt down your brother, your cousins, and your son as well,

I told y’all I’m the only one, I tried to be nice, I tried to play fair, but you motherfuckers don’t hear so well,

so let blood season start, on the count of three, ready, on your mark, let’s go bitch!
Fire or ice, I’ll even let you take your pick!

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