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Picking Up the Peace….BANG!

I don’t want to force shit,
my peace is my choice, but if anyone is gonna stop me you best believe I’m picking up the piece,

no one else is going to do it, just me,
so bring on the world, bring it on you three, I’ll have fun destroying everyone, if that’s the way it must be,

I’m not scared to die, I’m scared of not being free, so if I must fight, I’ll always fight for me,

understand this is not what I want, but this is the way it must be,
I can’t let a single soul stop me, even if it’s my own family,

if love is your choice,
then why stand against me,

you say your way is better,
I don’t care if that’s what you see,
my eyes were only meant to guide me,
which is why they rest in my head and not yours,

blind is something I’ll never be,

I see the truth, I see the disease, I fight for justice, from my point of view, because everyone’s right, and no one is two,

we need to learn, that life isn’t about who you’re above, or who is below you!

ONE love is depending on us, to cure the pain that we want gone!

How else do you expect us to move on?

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