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Free Love!

Curious why you think I belong to anyone other than me,

I’m not property, I’m not some thing,

I think, I live, I feel, I breathe,

let me be if you can’t see, that I care more about you, than you care about me,

it saddens me, when the world refuses to be fair and just,

love could never be given out enough, I spread on and on and on,

selfish love isn’t love, it’s possession of someone’s soul,

let me show you how much I can grow, I don’t love you less than no one else,

but that doesn’t mean I can’t respect you more, I give you knowledge so you can use it on your own,

I’m not gonna hold you hostage with my love, now I won’t lie, I will admit, sometimes it’s hard for me to do it,

trying to love even those who treat me like shit, can be tough on a soul, so soft and rich,

but those are the ones who truly need it, in order to fill their cup to the brim, and I hope one day they will know that,

love never gives up, love is always here love, and it’s absolutely free for everyone!

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