You can not break an unbreakable force,

I’m sitting here reading that line over and over again and trying to make it make sense because I cried, I screamed, I yelled, I did petty things, I even acted mean!

I shut myself away from the world, I tried to make sure no one else would love me, I changed my diet, I change my wardrobe, I changed my hair, I changed my style, the way I hold my head up high, but what I never changed was how I feel inside!

After every tear, after every word, after every wish that you’d fall off a bridge, I still couldnt resist the fact that I can’t hate you, in fact I miss you, I wish you were here, just so I could tell you how sorry I really am,

I’m still in love with you and that just goes to show how deep my love truly is and how shallow yours was!

Now, I still may cry from time to time, but that’s only because I feel bad, I feel bad that you won’t ever know how much and how far I was willing to go, I feel bad that you didn’t believe how much you were apart of my dream, I feel bad that you couldn’t see that everything you wanted was already in me, and I really feel bad that no matter what you do, you will never find someone else on this Earth that loves you more than I love you!

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