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Am I too far away?

Did I stray?

Who am I?

Who was I yesterday?

Am I fearful or do I have faith?

Am I just trying to control everything?

Why don’t I know what I need answers for?

How come I don’t understand my insides more?

Why do I feel like someone else’s prey?

Do I fight or do I runaway?

Angels, demons does it matter?

Do I have what it takes to keep climbing this latter?

Why do I let their little voices in?

Will I float, sink, or swim?

Can I imagine that I’ll make it out of this?

Can I ever get thoses wishes I wished?

Do I need rest or should I fight harder?

Is love really the answer or does it keep me from going farther?

Am I lost again?

Here at my fork again, close my eyes, take another step….let what’s to come be prepared for me!

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