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What you doing?

I’m dreaming

Trying fill these pockets

I’m feening

Every minute that passes by

I give that shit meaning

I got a lot to accomplish

No I ain’t finished

I’m just beginning

In the kitchen cooking

Stirring the pot

Got the wolves looking

You’re everything that I’m not

Stagnant, lagging, falling off

I’m growing, climbing, going off

You wanna taste the sauce

Hand your girl the spoon she licked it off

I’m too hot but cool enough to say I got balls

Bet you still stuck on that line like whats up

That’s me, passed you on line 3

You can’t catch up just stay behind me

I’m getting better at this rhyming

Flow crispier and spicy like hot wings

Coming down to take a break

Can’t forget that slice of humble pie

When I’m busy chasing cake

You hungry let me feed you

Matter fact let me teach you

But if you try to rob me

Trust me I’m gonna turn around and beat you!

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