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It’s Not Me……..

Say it again

Tell me

Tell me that you don’t love me

Okay say it like you mean it

Say it like it’s true

Because everytime you’ve said it

Thus far

I didn’t believe you

So say it again

Maybe if you repeat it enough

It’ll reach my ears in a way

That will send a signal to my heart

Forcing it to earse your name that’s been carved

So keep repeating it

I wanna not love you too

So scream it at me

Maybe my stubborn heart couldn’t hear

That you’ve given up

You threw in the towel

You realized it was too hard to deal with

Someone wanting you and loving you

Things you weren’t expecting from me

There must be someone else

You need

So whisper it in my ear

Because I know you’re too proud

To admit that you actually hate yourself

For being the reason

My heart won’t reject itself

So please say it one more time

That you no longer love me

And I promise I will try

to pretend to believe in your final lie

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