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The Wait…..

Why am I so quick to take the blame

I clear dirt from everyone else’s name

Put it on me knowing I’m already carrying baggage of my own

I take it home and throw a pity party

Just three people on my list

Me, myself and I

You may think it’s sad

I got it in my head that I’d rather suffer alone

Then put the same shit you gave me on someone

look at yourself before you judge someone else

We all got demons we fighting I’m just taking on yours too

You don’t even know it really cuz I close the door before you try to come through

You forget all the shit I done for you

and blame me some more when I ignore you

It’s a funny world we live in

Or at least that’s what I convinced myself to stop the tears from rolling

A joke that keeps on going and going

But inside me it’s snowing

too much pain that we’d drown if I showed it

So instead I unpack it organize it neatly in my closet

Then close the door and lock it

You need just one key to open but I’d rather avoid the conversation

Nothing to do with you I’m just patient

I feel like one day the monsters will kill themselves

And I’ll be able to walk straight out of hell

Until then leave me to tend to myselves

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