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Fear of Butterflies

How do I explain

That this feeling I’ve been tried

Enough times to find out

I’m scared of butterflies

Because afterwards

Comes the sweet lullabies

The holding hands

The kissing in the park

The passion

The forevers

The never be aparts

The no more dressing up

No more hiding your belly rolls

The forgetting to shave

The letting ourselves go

now suddenly there’s a fight

One big enough to scare you

And frighten me

And then comes the apologies

The I’m sorry

From me and from you

Not sure if it’s true

Because here’s another fight

in about a week or two

Now I’m crying

Your frustrated

We talk less and less

the humor is gone

And we barely see each other undressed

now is when we start to get more serious

It’s not me

It’s not you

it’s just not us

I guess

follow this up with stress

Painful regret

Meaningless goodbyes

Because let’s face it

We technically both left

Long before we called it quits

So this is it

Now can you see why

I’m scared of butterflies

Somehow they lead me to heartless goodbyes

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