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The sensual feeling of being close but not in contact

It sends electricity through my entire being

I want you

In a not so “good girl” way

I need a taste

Don’t give it a way

Hold it for me

Cuz u know that this ocean is more than just deep

Once you dive in you’ll end up falling asleep

Pulling you out will take weeks

Beginners are at high risk

So when they ask me

I’m smacking teeth and just saying tsk

If only you knew how much they want

What you possess

But I don’t give them shit

They dream in a fantasy which you live

Cuz I want to give it to you

Miss kissing you, hugging you

Touching you, squeezing you

Feeling you, rubbing you,

But instead I just sit and wait

not far

but close

Our secret no one knows

No one knows

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