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I Wanna Grow Old With You

Life has a funny way of showing you who you need and who you don’t

I feel like the comedian on stage that didn’t get my own joke

I’m lost without you but I haven’t lost hope because I know how I feel when I’m with you

And I know how I feel without you too

no matter how much I get angry and I try to walk away

There isn’t a day that passes where I don’t see your face at the end of the aisle

I can’t walk that walk if I don’t see you waiting on me

Please don’t get over

Please don’t give up

Please don’t stop waiting for me

I’m walking towards you

Only you

Tears running down my face

Hope securely in place

Heart locked safely in a glass case

Your voice being the only thing that can make the glass break

us growing old together

Forever meaning forever

I’ll find you in the next life

even if I have to fail a couple times

You will always be apart of me and your name will always be inscribed on my heart

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