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The Joker

I’m a wild card

Must be why I stay single for so long

No one wants to play when the odds are unknown

But I’ve tried changing my ways and to me I don’t feel the same

I can’t change my past but forgiveness doesn’t come cheap

I’ve learned to water down my wild like an alcoholic drink

Too much for just one person to sip

I’ve got the power to boast but I’ll usually be more humble about my shit

I got to a point where I don’t have to open my mouth because my company speaks on my behalf

Telling you all about how big I am

How willing I am to make you laugh and laugh

Now some might call me mentally ill

But I assume that’s because standing next to me will make you want to kill

I’m drugs baby

You fall over me addicted against your will

Smile on my face always because my smile hides my greatest skill

That I know what you’re cards are

I always have and I always will

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