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Something is better than nothing

I hear you

I speak for you

I’m thankful


I’m loving and trying to take care of all the people

I believe you

You told me to be free

And here I am

Open like a book

In a library

The words on the pages

Fill me up like a four course meal

I’m not signing anything

I’m not taking no deals

We got each other

This feeling got me all in the feels

Peace to myself

For everyone else

Trying take all my people out of jail

We know better

So we know we ain’t living in no hell

Disaster is a simple consequence

That we did to ourselves

I’m learning more

Front row in the class

Getting A’s like there ain’t nothing else

Blind leading the blind

Won’t help

Shit my people slipping

I catch them all

Like they never even fell

Poke me wrong and we

Going to have a long discussion

In hell

I don’t play games no more

I just grab the belt

Pay attention to the world

Because this world needs help

Fix your mind right

So you can free yourself

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