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You ever looked at something you didn’t like long enough that it started to make you mad

Cuz that’s how I feel when I look at the pictures of you two

Not an angry rage more like my heart was doused in gasoline and the photos are the lit match

It gives me heartburn staring at you with someone who isn’t me

But then you told me feeling something even if it’s pain was better than feeling nothing at all

And that’s how I knew

She was nothing more than a pon in our war

When did it end

us trying hard to hurt the other

Just to make sure we could feel pain

For if we did then we both be feeling the same thing

our guns working overtime

Cause we firing shots like we at the free throw line

Fouls called ever hour of this game

What a shame

We too old for both of us to be trying to avoid taking the blame

I’m gonna be the bigger man and say I know I made a mistake

A lie was all I knew this relationship could take

Look how far you and I could fake FAKE

Well I’m not eating no more of that cake

I wanted you but if this is the road I must take

Consider me exiting off the next exit ramp to escape

You should play you’re game with someone else babe

My heart is burning but it doesn’t seem like you’re man enough to put out the flame

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