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No Game, Just Bloody Wars!

I just want to trust that I can trust

But even that’s asking too much

it feels like most people don’t wanna see you go up

And I hate more than anything this feeling of being stuck

I got two ways this can play out and the more the options way out

I can tell I’m gonna have to lose another part of myself

Where did y’all come from

Why you always wanna be near me

How come the more people I have around it’s harder for me to hear me

escape into myself, most people would be calling out for help

I’m learning that I’m better at being alone then hanging out with the crowd

So much pressure on becoming a great that they ask for ways to eat the cake

I’m not tryna feed nobody but myself, because the moment you start starving

Them same motherfuckers are no where to be found

Leave me be, if I’m gonna drown then let me drown

I bet you I could swim touch the bottom of the ocean push off and hit the highest high anyone has ever felt

I never doubt myself y’all need to trust me or go kill yourselves

I’m not playing games, I’m winning wars

I’m a Queen on the frontline someone should’ve warned you before!

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