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I Lost

I don’t know who I am

Who I want to be

I’m feeling like I want to blame

Everyone else besides me

I feel so alone

I feel so ashamed

I let someone else cause me to be this way

and now I can’t forget your smile, your voice or your name

Why can’t someone save me from all this pain

I want to sleep and eat and live

Without you on my brain

Why did I try so hard

Just to lose this much

To feel so empty without your touch

It’s unfair to me

Because I thought I did everything right

I didn’t lie, I didn’t cheat

I stayed by your side every night

I supported you

and loved you dearly

So how come I’m the one being

Hurt by karma so severely

I have nothing

I feel broken

I just don’t understand

What did I do that made you

No longer want to be my man

If there was a game that we were playing

I’m sure that I lost at it

You got everything from me

And I didn’t get shit

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