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Once again

I come to the end of my rope


No one can hear my cries for help

I slowly lose sight of life

Not a day goes by that I can say I’ll miss

Where did I go wrong

This dark road I’m walking on

Seems like I’m all the way gone

Why must death take this long

Bitter not sweet memories

what sick madness does it mean

I just want the sadness to end

Not to roll over with me

In the end

There is a light I see

Often when I dream

Hard to believe if it’s true

But that dream is you

You give me hope

When I see none

You help me fight

When I feel like the fight is done

so I rise back on my feet

This life is not quite a defeat

As long as you’re with me

Can this be a toxic

Or a fairy tale

Only thing I know is life doesn’t

Seem so cold

When I dream of you

When I know you care about me too


Life doesn’t seem so hard

When you’re by my side

In fact you’re what makes me feel


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