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Cry for Help

I’m crying out for a sign

A simple little sign

That you miss me

That you think of me too

Scratch that

I need the bat symbol

Put it on the net

Show me you love me

And show me that shit now

If you miss me

You know you can call

And if I don’t answer

Leave me a message

Telling me it all

Tell me that you love me

Just like I love you

Tell me that you miss me

Like the Sun misses the moon

Tell me that you need me

Tell me

Tell me

I need to know you care still

Because I can hardly feel

Help me believe in love again

Lately I’ve been so down

I don’t feel like myself

I need your love

To wake me from this spell

If this message reaches you

Know that I wish you well

Read these words I wrote

And know without you

I’m in hell

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